COMMISSIONS. This word is a stop for a lot of people. It represents insecurity for many people. However commissions and insecurity have nothing to do with one another. At it’s root, most people run from commission-based jobs because they fear the thought of their livelihood being in their hands.

That is a lack of self-confidence.

Commission jobs are the only real way to create financial security in your life. Every CEO is paid on commission (whether they realize it or not), every entrepreneur and business owner is paid on commission. Here’s the bottom-line. The only way to keep a job is to produce. And you want to get paid for what you do. If you produce more, then you naturally want more, right?

That’s a commission.

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But it doesn’t stop there. Commissions do not just correlate to money. Every time you get your way in life that is a commission, wouldn’t you agree? The payment for getting your way made you feel good. But in order to get your way you had to sell someone on an idea.

That is a commission!

You see, everything…absolutely everything revolves around commissions. It can be found in recognition from your team, approval on a project, NEW FRIENDSHIPS, getting votes, and overcoming objections.

These are all things that make us feel rewarded for an effort or action we took in faith.

True love is a commission for finding the right partner, cultivating the relationship with that partner, and creating with that partner. So the relationship continues to get better! No one is guaranteed love. The wedding day won’t solidify it, and neither will a ring. The guarantee is in the work you do afterwards.

Where are you over do for a commission in your life? Apply this and let us know how it goes.

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