Dear Influencer,

You probably started reading this because of the title, that means it’s for you. Maybe I was savvy enough to lure you with my word play. Or maybe…I just know what you want.

Indifferent of what lead you to this article, I’ll honor your time with what is hopefully the same paradigm shift I experienced when I first realized the importance of becoming King.

Let me start by saying, I believe it is always important to tell people WHY you are doing what you are doing. In good faith that we will be a major contributor to manhood, business, and leadership, you deserve to know why we are here.

To know the “why” of anything directly speaks to the heart of a man. The previous statement insinuates this article easily becomes one of the cornerstone articles of Kings Digest.

Especially considering the fact that the hands typing this article are those of the Founder.

There is an agenda for this article that supersedes all that I have stated thus far. That agenda is summed up in one word…distinction. I wish to provide a degree of wisdom that gives you distinction between a king and common man. I desire for this distinction to be so keen that you can readily identify a king when you see one.

To appeal to the ears of the common man, I often refer to a King as a High-Performance Male Leader, because most people are so far removed from what a King is that the word has very little potency in conversation.

Switching gears, I will lead with a question. Why do people adore kings?

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It’s very simple, and it closely aligns with why people admire a soldier…

Both are designated to a life of servitude.

And EVERYONE wants to be served! This is quite amazing, because it goes against human nature. Think about it, can you name another person that willingly gives their life to serves others? They come one-in-a-million, but they are rarely forgotten, Kings like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Caesar Chavez, come to mind instantly.

The “common man” cannot embrace this standard of life because it APPEARS to go against what he really desires…freedom. Freedom to pursue his OWN desires and wants. But as you will soon discover (if you have not already) there is a higher thought of truth. In the remaining text of this article, I am going to attempt to influence you to simply consider why your life and legacy are critically dependent on you embracing that YOU MUST BECOME KING!

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Let’s start by introducing a king’s functions and duties.

The sole obligation of a king is to dedicate his life to serving those that give him the privilege of leading them. In essence, this is the fulfillment of OTHER PEOPLE’S desires. Which is completely different from the common man, whom is only interested in fulfilling HIS OWN desires. This thought presents another interesting question.

What is it the King understands that the common man does not?

A King understands that to lay down his life for the good of others is the greatest display of LOVE. Love speaks a language that is undeniable no matter one’s creed, color, background, or religion. It pierces through the ambiguity of one’s intentions, and speaks a message so clear that bystanders are either attracted instantly or repulsed. Furthermore, he understands that finding something and someone to die for is FREEDOM.

To this degree, I am a living witness. I rarely take the time to mention all that I have my hands in as an entrepreneur, because many people are not able to conceptualize it. But in the event I feel the unction to share, I am usually met with the question, “You must be busy?” My response is always the same. “I am extremely productive. I am not busy, I am FREE!”

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I love the way Tony Robbins puts it, “The people who are the most alive, driven, and fulfilled, are those that seek to be lead by a life of contribution and service to something greater than themselves. ” Those are powerful words from a man with a long track record of getting results in the lives of other people.

He goes on even further to state, “Contribution is the key to ultimate fulfillment! Life is not about what you GET — that will never make you truly happy in the long term. It’s who you BECOME and what you CONTRIBUTE — to your loved ones, your community, and the world — that will.”

We GROW so that we have more to GIVE — it’s what we’re MADE FOR! Nothing in life will give us a greater sense of personal satisfaction than contribution in service to something greater than ourselves. When you learn the power of sincere and selfless contribution, you will experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment. The secret to living is giving!”

From the skeptics perspective, to see someone portray an act of love on a consistent basis, over an extended period of time, is extremely attractive. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

So why is this “King Mentality” so pinnacle to every area of your business and life? Well, let’s start with the matters of the heart. If I asked you what matters most to you, you are going to tell me your walk with God, your close relationships with family and friends, and your progression in your career, right? Of course!

However, the next question is what does it take to actually sustain those things?

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Th answer to this question is quite simple. It boils down to two things. Your mind, and your money. Relationships with God, family, friends, and business partners are all grown and experienced in one place… the mind. Your mind also controls your ability to make money, which is the tool used to enhance those relationships, through experiences.

Not to mention, you need money to enrich your own mind. It costs to commune with God, travel to distant countries, or buy a book on Amazon. It costs for you to read this article! In this case, we footed the bill, but you get my point.

What if… you approached God with the heart of a King (High-Performance Male Leader), asking the simple question, “How can I serve you today?” You inevitably pull on His heart strings to pour back into you.

What if… you approached your wife with the same message? What would her response to you be? She would feel compelled to love and honor you even more. She would feel the need to reciprocate the actions of love.

What if… you posed this question to your community, future customers, and current clients? It is quite amazing when you begin to consider the power that lies in viewing life from the perspective of a King.

So why is this thought process so removed from our culture and common way of life?

The answer to this is simple as well…greed. We have not yet reached a degree of development as humans that we automatically think of others before ourselves. We have not yet come into the hight truth that in caring for others, our individual needs are inevitably met. It is because of this that we struggle. As a human race, we stray away from seeking the good for people, and steer toward desiring attaining power and wealth for one’s self.

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This country, the United States of America, was birthed from the same cause. The king of Great Britain, had become greedy and imposed taxes on settlers of the 13 colonies without cause. As a result, founding fathers opted out of building a government on the operation of a dictatorship (authority of a royal family). It opted for a structure that put the power in the hands of the people (democracy). Now every man is a holds the ability to be King. Governing himself accordingly in one nation under one God, indivisible with freedom and justice for all.

So thus far I have painted a picture of why being king is so critical to the core areas of your personal life, as a husband, father, and spiritual being. But to add, I want to reveal to you how being king also aligns with your identity.

At our quarterly masterminds, I often ask attendees who they are. Yes, ambiguous I know. But with great intent. In most cases when I ask, “Who are you?”

They are forced to consider their entire life for a moment. They are forced to consider if there is any inconsistency with the who they say they are. Even with the momentary pause, the typical answer usually in them telling me what they do.

The reason this question boggles the minds of men is because most of them do not know their purpose. Not because it has not been revealed to them, but because in most cases no one has challenged them in this aspect of life. There are perils of life that are much more pressing. Like paying bills, being there for family, being a faithful husband, and a present father, all while trying to perform on the job.

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What they had not come to realize is that when you know who you are, you will almost immediately know what you should be doing. Even further, you will know what you should NOT be doing. Alignment is the word that comes to mind.

Keep in mind these men are leaders in the home as husbands and fathers. So as leaders of the home, if they are not aligned, what does this mean for the family that is depending on them? When you have answered this question, you will know my heart behind dedicating my life to helping men maximize their potential and master success.

Even for the man that does not have a family, he still has the obligation to SERVE. If the fork is trying to scoop ice cream not only will it inevitably fail, but the spoon will be displaced.

This same thought process carries over to the marketplace. While in most cases products are the same or similar, there is almost always distinction in service. When you know who you are, you are able to deliver MUCH greater service. This is because you will only serve people who will get the most from your skillsets, passion, and purpose.

In this article, what I have done is brought clarity to the correlation between the moral values of a king, and how those same values allow every man to fulfill his purpose on earth, scale growth economically, and expand his social impact on a consistent basis.

I stand by the fact that until you make it a priority to BECOME KING you will be missing out on a substantial amount of impact, income, and influence you could be obtaining in the world.

Fix your crown, rule the day!