When it comes to leadership, something that will inevitably be revealed is our ability to be EFFECTIVE. Being effective boils down to our capacity to serve others and get results.

However, we can only serve others to the degree which we develop ourselves!

If we can agree on the previous statement, then we can infer that effectiveness is directly correlated to the degree in which a man develops himself. We call this Personal Development.

Development comes from what we refer to as “conscious thinking”. This term means to be aware of one’s thoughts. Simply becoming aware of the thoughts we allow to process in our mind is often the great determining factor of the results we see in our lives.

The late Earl Nightingale elaborates on this great truth in a brief 44 page book known as The Strangest Secret. I highly suggest you read it when you have the time, however in summation he expounds on the fact that the biggest gap in the wealthy and poor, successful and failed, and accomplished and striving, is ultimately encompassed in their ability to think.

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“Conscious thinking” is a trait of great leaders. It is a foundational principle we drum into the hearts of our members in the High-Performance Male Leaders Association. Mark my words…as the following statement something I want to be remembered by.

“Nothing solidifies indispensability like fighting to press into greater levels of self awareness.”

It is my firm belief that self awareness (the growing consciousness of oneself) is the most powerful thing that can be accomplished during our time on earth. So you are probably asking, “How do put this to use in my own life?”

One simple method you can use is meditation and journaling. Taking the time to process your thoughts, and write them down is powerful. The main reason is for reflection. When you go back and review your journal entries, you should see great growth based on results you are currently experiencing in your life. If nothing else, you will certainly come into a greater light of understanding regarding hurdles you have overcome.

Journaling does not have to take long. We encourage men to focus around three areas:

  1. Accomplishment- The sense of accomplishment is only given to those that wake up with a determination to achieve each day.
  2. Challenge- What is something that is currently challenging your degree of acumen right now? This challenge will force you to grow.
  3. Gratitude- Despite all that may not be write, what is it that you are grateful for?

And that’s it! Doing this each day will produce remarkable results in your life.

One great tool we recommend to help with journaling is the HPL Workbook. It’s the “Swiss army knife” of business apps for entrepreneurs and business leaders. One particular feature in the app is the HPL Journal. The journal gives you the ability to track results and develop succession as you grow your business and expand your mind.

Another resource that our extraverted High-Performing Leaders use to assist them in being more effective is what we like to refer to as a “Council of Accountability”. If you are in a leadership position, you know this is not something that most leaders are excited about implementing. However, it is always evident in the lifestyle of those mastering the “The Good Life” (Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business and Leadership).

A Council of Accountability is one or more people you confide in to ensure you reach your goals. In many cases, this is found in the form of a coach. It is the primary reason male business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs seek the services of companies like AOK High Performance and the High-Performance Male Leaders Association. Both of these companies are dedicated to providing business and personal development solutions to men.

One of the greatest tools we use inside the Council of Accountability is the 360º High-Performance Appraisal.

The 360º Appraisal is nothing new to the world of employee feedback, but in regards to getting a clear depiction of growth it is by far the best model on the market.

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What makes the appraisal process so great? It’s simple. You gain access to vital information. Information you would not know about unless someone told you.

A great example of this like trying to look at your back. You have never physically laid eyes on your own back. One of the most important parts of your body regarding functionality! You have only seen what someone has told you about your back. In most cases it has been a mirror!

Effectiveness as a leader is a lot like trying to see your own back. You can never clearly see the impact your are having on your business and those involved.

Part of it is due to the fact that your mind is not wired for you to see these things, because we are born with a selfish nature. So putting yourself aside is a muscle that must be flexed on a consistent basis. This natural degree of selfishness comes from our ego, which never wants to be wrong. Further, your ego does not want others to know you are wrong. It is viewed as a weakness to the average man, and a place of vulnerability to the mind.

The 360º High Performance Appraisal cuts through this glitch in the human mind, and allows you to gain a clearer perspective on how others respond to you.

People are actually attracted to leaders that are well aware of their weaknesses and profess them. It shows their degree of humility. Further people want to see you help THEM to succeed. They are not interested in watching YOU succeed.

Our ability to grow in consciousness about all areas of our life will determine how much we grow! Why? Because what we pay attention to naturally grows.

So…to be an effective leader, we must apply a conscious thought process to all areas of our lives. This is done through things like reflection, meditation, mastermind groups, accountability partners, 360 feedback, journaling, and reading.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Fix your crown, rule the day! ?