What is the hardest thing in your life right now?

A relationship?

A job?

Deciding what to do or not do?

That person who seems to be made to make life difficult for you?

Exercise/Diet/Studying/etc. etc. etc., all can be the hard thing.

Hey, we all have those challenges. And I am sure these are harder with the Covid-19 Pandemic happening.

They do get to be too much sometimes, and we wish they would go away. How much better would life be without them? Man, would the sun be shining then. The birds would sing and the flowers will bloom. You would be dope, like the kids say. (I am not that cool to use that term.)

So let me introduce you to a way to make this hard thing go away. Instantly. Like it never existed.

Are you interested? Are you curious?

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As I was reading Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” she introduced me to how hope is developed. She explained how some parents will save their kids from any bad times, feelings, disappointments or challenges. The result is that the kiddos do not develop the ability to experience bad things, whatever it may be, and not be devastated by them. In effect, they do not have the muscle. 

When someone is able and allowed to experience the bad thing, whether it is a noise in the dark or a bad grade or being fired you develop that muscle. The bad thing occurs, you have to deal with it. You must think about it, you must feel it, you must accept it, you must learn from it, you must take action – action to overcome, correct or move the obstacle. In doing this you start to develop that muscle. That muscle that will allow you to carry on – in one piece and ready for the next. That muscle will allow you to become stronger, more confident, less emotional about every bad thing and able to handle life as it comes.

You will no longer try to avoid things, or do the things that hide you from the pain. Eating too much, buying too much, binge-watching TV, creating other drama to not deal with your drama, alcohol or a dozen other bad habits.

This muscle has a name, it is Hope. Hope is what comes when you are going through a bad time but you keep your eye out for the good time on the other side. You keep wishing for the easy time, for the problem to be solved or the obstacle moved. Hope is what keeps you going. It is the positive emotion that carries the strategy, the plan, and the next move. Hope is the life of the next day, why you get out of bed and to work on time even when you do not feel up to it.

Hope is your friend, the next time you have a bad experience or you are hating your day; think of this opportunity. The opportunity to develop more hope, to have hope and live with hope. Always. This is a game-changer for you. Your mindset will change, you will have a positive mindset because even in bad times it will have a good outcome. The muscle gets stronger. Hope is alive in you, always.

You deserve to the best. You are worth it the investment to change your life for the better. Do what matters most…improving yourself! Discover if you have what it takes to maximize your potential and master success like the top 1% of male business owners and leaders.

You know a diamond is a lump of coal after it has some pressure put to it.

Of course, I am not asking you to go out and find trouble, Lord knows trouble will find you if you do. But bad things happen to all of us, that is all of us, not just me or you. But we can be the ones who develop the muscle during the bad curve on our way back to the good curve. And you know what? The bad curve will not be so bad, anymore.

Develop hope, make that muscle strong. Welcome the rain because after each storm the sun shines again. Always.