Man! COVID is having its way, am I right?
I mean everywhere you turn it’s taking the world by storm.
This means instability…in your business!

So how do you respond!?
Well, I’ll let you consult with your mastermind to find the answer to that one.
However, I will certainly tell you what I DO NOT want you to do.

This is something you will be tempted to do…
Because you are a High Performing Leader. A servant leader. A King.
And you care!

You will be tempted to start giving away your products and services for free.
This is not the answer!

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I can hear you now.
“But Marq, if I don’t add value, it will open the door to my competitors to win over our customers!”
I get it. But that’s not the whole truth.

You see the thing that remains true whether you realize it or not is that people will inevitably pay for what they want.

The sad reality is that some businesses, leaders, and owners will go out of business.
That is the nature of “corrections”. It is proof that their business model was not viable.

It is an opportunity to learn and grow.

However, those that do thrive will do it because of their ability to create, adapt, and market products that people are willing to buy.

Money is emotional. Let’s get this clear.
And there is no shortage of it.
And if, in fact, there is a shortage… someone will simply push a button and print more.

Take Amazon for example.
They will inevitably be a big player in providing the means to helping the economy recover.
But what if they started giving out Prime memberships to everyone for free?

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While it sounds nice, this service–that costs money to maintain–would either weaken or become non existent.
Because it would eventually begin to pull from other resources.

So the only other objective is to create more innovative products and services that people are willing to pay for.

In the words of Mark Cuban, “When things are all messed up beyond recognition, that’s when the heroes step forward and create things, invent things and develop things that change the world. And that’s what’s needed right now. If you have a vision for America 2.0, nows the time.”

It’s times like this we will look back and find 10 or 20 companies that were started during this time and brought us into a brighter future.
That could very well be you.

Fix your crown, rule the day!